A scientific roadmap to sustainable self-employment.

What is E5 Framework?

E5 framework is a career planning tool for entrepreneurial people. It’s purpose is to create clarity and enable progress for those who want to be self-employed or build companies for the long term.

Why It’s Necessary

Statistically, businesses die long before their founders or owners do.

Founders and owners oftentimes become one with their business and when it dies, so does their ability to maintain their place in the economy as an entrepreneur.

E5 solves this problem by separating the entrepreneurial person from their existing or future business. This enables the clear creation of an entrepreneurial career plan that lives beyond any single venture.


How It Works

The framework's greatest strength is a clear view of the growth stages. We suggest using this tool when you make the decision to become self-employed for the long term. Initially, you’ll want to understand your current stage, define your new destination and then start to think about what business type will get you there safely.


E5 aims to bring clarity and structure to an otherwise chaotic economic system - entrepreneurship. Below, you’ll find six stages factoring in basic economic ideas as well as division based on risk level.

Stage 0 : Unemployed

An economic member whose contributions are purely consumption based.

Stage 1 : Employed Advocate

An economic member who is employed but supports the idea of entrepreneurship.

Stage 2 : Entrepreneurial Employee

An economic member who is actively seeking or operating a secondary, non-salary income source.

Stage 3 : Self-Employed

An economic member who independently produces goods or services for financial self-preservation.

Stage 4 : Entrepreneur

An economic member who takes on fixed expenses greater than themselves in order to maximize the production of goods or services.

Stage 5 : Career Entrepreneur

An economic member who is solely committed to independent production at atypical risk levels and periods of time.


There are some interesting insights to be gained from the framework. For example, imagine being able to instantly know your economic location and also where you’d like to go. What about understanding the interpersonal dynamics in the ecosystem and finding better ways to relate to your counterparts and potential competitors? All of that and more can be gained from reviewing and implementing the framework.


Understand the Ecosystem

Quickly see a bird’s eye view of where your path could lead.


Increase Relatability

Better understand the mindset and perspectives of participants in each stage.


Find Your Location

Discover where you currently are in the framework and learn more about your stage.


Determine Your Destination

Choose the target stage and forecast what it may take to get there.


Create Your Financial Plan

Work backward from the stage you most prefer to decide what your financial goals should be.

Use Case

Commit to Entrepreneurship
Commit to Entrepreneurship

Michelle is unhappy in her career as an accountant and desires self-employment.

Find Your Motivator
Find Your Motivator

She thinks about what she’s lacking and finds that she’s not fulfilled.

Determine Current Location
Determine Current Location

A friend learns of her unhappiness and recommends the e5 framework. Michelle finds that she’s actually in stage 1.

Choose Future Destination
Choose Future Destination

She then thinks about where she’d like to be and envisions a business with staff that work together achieving a common goal, stage 4.

Define Financial Plan
Define Financial Plan

She starts to calculate her personal financial goals as well as the investment and ongoing business income needed to support her vision.

Choose Economic Vehicle
Choose Economic Vehicle

She originally wanted to open a coffee shop but realized that her financial plan needed more profit faster, she then chose to open an IT consulting company with a partner.


The words career and entrepreneur are rarely mentioned in normal conversation. It’s most likely due to the common risks associated with the pursuit of long term business ownership. Since failure rates for individual businesses are very high, any hopes and aspirations of a career in entrepreneurship quickly dwindle away for most entrepreneurs.

As an economically inspired tool, it is universal and can provide significant value to entrepreneurial people of all stages from the unemployment stage to veteran entrepreneurs. More specifically, E5 is broken into six stages each divided by one universal concept – risk taking. The stages in order are:

  • Unemployment
  • Employed Advocacy
  • Entrepreneurial Exploration
  • Self-employment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career Entrepreneurship
Hey There, I’m Dezmon Landers and thank you for visiting E5 Framework. It's my belief that...
Hey There, I’m Dezmon Landers and thank you for visiting E5 Framework. It's my belief that...

Entrepreneurship is a science.

I study, teach and consult on the subject. It’s a passion of mine because I want better lives for individuals and families around the world.

Everyday, millions of people worry about how they’re going to buy food, pay for healthcare and live in safe environments hoping to reduce stress, risk and worry. That shouldn’t be.

Entrepreneurship education is the answer.

If turned into a science, accessible by the masses, it can be the body of knowledge that helps individuals and families raise their quality of life and protect those they care about most.

So, that’s my purpose and I’m doing my best to stick to it. Hopefully, we can help the world, one individual and family at a time.

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Your Motivation

What is driving you to pursue entrepreneurship?

Economic Location

What stage are you currently in?

Future Destination

Where would you like to go and why?